Cercle Généalogique du Rouergue, History and genealogy in the Aveyron department (France)

CERCLE GENEALOGIQUE DU ROUERGUE, Histoire et généalogie en Aveyron

25 avenue Victor Hugo, 12000 Rodez
Email: cgr@genealogie-rouergue.org
Web: https://genealogie-rouergue.org

The Cercle Généalogique du Rouergue, Histoire et généalogie en Aveyron, is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers.

It main activities are:

  • The systematic extraction of the department of Aveyron’s official certificates and acts: Baptisms, marriages and burials before the French revolution as well as births, marriages, deaths and marriage publications after 1792. These statements are gathered in a database called « Relevés BMS- EC » (free of access).
  • The extraction of notarial deeds and/or the record of notarial deeds. These statements are gathered in a database called “Relevés des actes notariés”, which is exclusively available for circle’s members.
  • The extraction of elements potentially helpful to genealogy amateurs and researchers: censuses, acts of naturalization abroad, etc.
  • The release of a quarterly newsletter and other publications.
  • The organization of conferences in Rodez and Paris.
  • The organization /participation in exhibitions, day trips, meetings.
  • Use of a database called “Paleography”, which helps beginners to read old writings of first and last names, professions etc, fueled by volunteers’ readings.

  • Use of an interactive map of statements, which is able to produce both the name and location of any city in Aveyron, and the state of the records created by the department’s CGR members.
Carte interative des relevés

All of this information is detailed (in French) on this website.

We wish you luck in your research!